Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program looking for volunteers.



Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program serves residents in nursing, assisted living and residential care homes. The Program is administered by the Aging Services Division of the Department of Human Services under the authority of the Older Americans Act and the Oklahoma Long-Term Care Ombudsman Act.


An Ombudsman Volunteer helps improve the quality of life and the quality of care available to residents of long-term care facilities. The goal of the program is to have volunteers at every long-term care facility.


The Central Oklahoma Economic Development District (COEDD) Area Agency on Aging provides supervision and support for the volunteers. Raven Aguirre and Cynthia Lincoln, Ombudsman Supervisors for COEDD Area Agency on Aging, train the volunteers in problem solving, communication, the process of aging and long-term care facility regulations. Training manuals are provided by the Ombudsman Program.


To become a volunteer, the applicant must:

• Be concerned about older persons and their needs.

• Be able to work with different types of people without being judgmental.

• Be able to accept training and supervision.

• Be able to spend at least two hours a week as a volunteer.

• Be free from conflict of interest.


The next training dates are June 25th and June 26th.


If you would like to become an Ombudsman Volunteer or have any questions about the program, please call

(405)273-6410 Ext. 127 or 133 and ask for Raven Aguirre or Cynthia Lincoln.