Cleveland County Sheriff's office warns of scam.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has received three phone calls Friday afternoon of a male who is impersonating a sheriff’s deputy and asking citizens for money.


The caller identifies himself as either Sgt. Joseph Kelly or Officer Hall. CCSO does not have any employees with either name.


According to the reports, the caller has informed citizens that a warrant has been issued for that person’s arrest because he or she failed to appear for jury duty. The caller has told people that if he or she sends him money, they will not be arrested.


This is a scam. As of Friday afternoon, nobody has sent this person money.


All CCSO deputies carry their identification on them. Always ask to see an ID if there is question about the person claiming to be a law enforcement officer.


Sheriff Joe Lester said the department is concerned about these incidents. Deputies are investigating the matter.


“If you receive a call from this individual, hang up and immediately call the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office and report the incident,” Lester said. “Do not send this person money for any reason or meet him in public.”


The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at 701-8888.


Any questions regarding this press release and/or information can be addressed to Meghan McCormick, Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, community liaison/public information officer. McCormick can be reached at (405) 701-8847.