Choosing the most strategic time to venture to the grocery store is sometimes very tricky.

Choosing the most strategic time to venture to the grocery store is sometimes very tricky.



First off, my weekend, like many of yours, is by itself entirely way too short. So blocking off even more time to do weekly chores is depressing.



Secondly, even though I consider myself somewhat of a “people” person, the anxiety of having to abruptly stop in the middle of the aisle because someone in the already-overcrowded market seemingly forgets where they are and what they are doing is near gut wrenching.



During my last adventure into this world of chaotic food gathering I “overheard” someone telling another as they ended their conversation that they would see them on Facebook. This put a smile on my face for more reasons than the obvious.



This also, of course, led me to hurriedly check my Facebook app, because, well, I just had to find out where my friends were, view photos of what some were eating, read what they were listening to and (bonus) find out which were the most obscure in their music selection. You know, the important things in life.



Frustratingly this wasn’t the case. I kept reading post after post regarding politics. The majority of those were negative.



So, right then and there I made a huge decision. I started unfollowing everyone that posted something negative. I clicked on the unfollow button with a special passion and intent.



I was going to change my entire Facebook experience to be inspiring and positive. I would no longer have to read unpleasant coded posts that “suggest” one’s political affiliation. No more “this group is better and more informed than the other.” I would never again feel worse after scrolling down my timeline than I did before even looking.



Then there it was staring right at me from the screen. I nearly ran out of “friends.”



James Bridges is the advertising director for the Shawnee News-Star.