State Supreme Court agrees to hear candidate dispute.

The Oklahoma State Supreme Court has agreed to hear a dispute on July 16 between the two Republican candidates for Tulsa County District Attorney, state Rep. Fred Jordan said today.


The court quickly set a hearing date after Jordan petitioned the court last week to expeditiously settle a lawsuit filed against him by candidate Steve Kunzweiler, who questioned Jordan's eligibility.


Jordan says Kunzweiler filed the lawsuit as a "negative political stunt only days before the primary election." The Kunzweiler suit claims that because the Legislature cut a pay raise in half that was passed by the Judicial Compensation Board that Jordan should be ineligible from holding the position.


"While I realize my opponent's lawsuit was filed in a manner to raise doubts in the minds of the voters only days before the primary election, I am thankful the Court has expedited this matter so that the negative and misleading allegations by Steve Kunzweiler can be clarified well before the August 26th runoff," Jordan said.


"My opponent's attempt to walk into this critical office unopposed shows a clear misunderstanding of the law and a willingness to use it for political purpose. Mr. Kunzweiler purposefully and intentionally waited until the final few days before the primary election to file his lawsuit,” Jordan said.