By the time you read this, I will be going on my 11th day with no internet at home.

By the time you read this, I will be going on my 11th day with no internet at home.

The lack of clever internet memes is causing a tremble in my hands, and I think the feeling of social isolation is going to my head. I saw a hallucination of a BuzzFeed quiz yesterday.

Not really.

Actually, it hasn’t been all that bad.

Can’t log onto Netflix? Well, that’s alright. I can rent something or rewatch some of movies on DVD I haven’t seen in a while. Or, even better, Tuesday I drove to Oklahoma City to catch the Lyric’s production of “The Little Mermaid.” (Which was wonderful, by the way.) Live theater beats Netflix any day.

Can’t browse Pinterest for hours? Reading is probably a much better use of my time.

As for my absence from Facebook, well, that isn’t too great of a loss either. Sunday, I took the opportunity to visit some friends in person. Once again, that’s way better than Facebook.

Though, really, complaining about one’s internet being down in this day and age would be sort of like complaining about roughing it in the wild when there’s a hotel a mile away you can check into anytime you want a shower and a soft bed.

Just because I don’t have internet at my house doesn’t mean I don’t have access in other places. If I get desperate, I can always cart my laptop off to some fast food place that offers free WiFi. Problem solved.

Honestly, being without the worldwide web for this long has just sort of made me wonder why I bother with it at all. Think of how much I could get done if I weren’t continually distracted by Facebook, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, YouTube, Netflix and a whole bevy of other websites.

And then I remember several television shows I watch will be returning soon, and without cable, the internet is how I keep up with those shows.

Maybe television is another time waster I would be wise to give up on, but, well, I would rather not. Maybe I could become an expert at the bagpipes in the time I normally spend on the internet/watching TV, but I think I’ll pass. And I have a feeling my upstairs neighbor would be glad to hear that.