Is it OK to water my plants daily?

If you are watering your ornamentals, lawn or vegetable garden daily, you may be maintaining your plants, but the plants are developing a shallow root system. The downside of this method of watering is that if you miss a day of watering during hot, dry weather, you may lose your plants. The only exception to watering daily is if you have plants in containers. It is better to water slowly and deeply once or twice a week than to water all your plants quickly each day.




The best method is to turn the faucet on low and move the hose around every so often. This lets the water soak deep into the soil. The deeper moisture encourages roots to go deeper which protects the plant from drought. The plant roots also find additional nutrients that may be depleted in the upper layers of soil. With the slow watering method, you can still have the habit of watering every day, but you can water a different section of the yard each time. You can use the waiting time for scouting your plants for problems or doing other chores. If you have an automatic watering system, remember to cancel the scheduled watering if we receive a half inch or more of rain. Most plants need approximately 1 to 2 ½ inches of water per week.



For more information contact the OSU Extension Center, 14001 Acme Road, corner of MacArthur and Acme Road in Shawnee or 273-7683.