'Water bottle dream’ lives on.

Months before Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Lt. Eric Fletcher passed away in June, he had an experience that made him want to help the homeless.


But before his dream could even be explored, he passed away on June 16. Now his family and friends are trying to honor his memory by keeping his “water bottle dream” alive to help those in need.


Earlier this year, Fletcher was on duty when a man asking for water approached him.


Fletcher didn’t have any but sent the man to a gas station across the road. The man went inside and was told a cup of water would cost .29 cents, but he only had .24 cents and was turned away.


That’s when Lt. Fletcher purchased the man some water and vowed he would do what he could to help others.


He contacted local shelters, community centers and others to learn that Shawnee has about 200 homeless residents. Lt. Fletcher wanted to purchase 200 bottles and also have deputies keep some their units in case they encountered someone in need.


With reusable water bottles, Fletcher believed no one would be turned away for the lack of money to buy a cup.

While Fletcher couldn’t see his water bottle dream come to life, a fundraising drive for “Eric Fletcher’s Water Bottle Dream” is aiming to do just that.


Because Fletcher devoted his life to protect and serve the community, his family and friends hope donations can be collected and used to purchase reusable water bottles for this purpose.


“He was a man with a huge heart and we ask that you keep his heart alive by keeping his dream alive,” according to the fliers.


Donations can be made at any BancFirst location in Fletcher’s name. For more information, call 481-6195 or 727-0959.