Wouldn’t you agree? Exercise and proper nutrition is only good for you when you actually do it! Equally so, is the fact that we must deal with many distractions that deter us from completing our much-needed exercise.

Wouldn’t you agree? Exercise and proper nutrition is only good for you when you actually do it! Equally so, is the fact that we must deal with many distractions that deter us from completing our much-needed exercise. That’s why it is so important to identify and utilize strategies that will help keep you motivated to maintain your exercise and nutrition program for the rest of your life. Hopefully this week’s tips will be beneficial in that manner, and can be included in your growing library for fitness success.

It has been my experience that most successful fitness programs have been incorporated smoothly into a person’s weekly agenda as a way of life. This usually requires instituting change. And of course, change is never easy. However the stress of this process can be minimized if you are aware and prepared to handle it effectively.

The first stage of change is usually precontemplation: This is where there is no apparent intention to actually make a change within the next 6 months, and there may not even be an awareness of the need to change. Here is where your family support system becomes so important and effective. Many times the encouragement from a loved one can motivate us towards achieving a much-needed healthier lifestyle. This could develop into a neat situation where the family begins exercising together. I love the idea and it is a great way to spend quality time with your entire family, or significant other. A relaxing low impact walk on a pleasant evening is a nice way to get some exercise and great conversation with the one you love.

The next phase is Contemplation: Here you begin to weigh the time, effort, and cost necessary to make lifestyle changes. For example, reviewing your family schedules, or budgeting your finances, etc…

Thirdly comes Preparation: You fall in this category if you are demonstrating efforts and plans to initiate changes. Deciding the gym or trainer of your choice etc… would be examples.

Next comes Action: This is where you are actually in the process of making changes. Like training with weights and completing cardio three to four times a week, or eating sensible healthy meals that include a nice combination of protein, moderate “good” carbohydrates, and low fat food choices.

Finally, after successfully completing these stages for change you must prepare for maintenance. Here you have demonstrated the ability to achieve your goals and are in the process of establishing methods to monitor and control your new behavior of exercise as a way of life. I am taking a wild guess here, but I bet you fall in this category, right? If you do fall into this category, congratulations and keep up the good work! If you do not fall in this category, I have faith in you, and you should have faith in yourself, because with a little planning and change you will be on your way towards achieving your first realistic fitness goal in no time. It is never too late to start your nutrition and exercise program.

Here are a few essential keys to successful change:

• Develop a true desire to confront and face any fears about a healthy life style. Your better health is worth the effort.

• Believe in yourself, you can be in the best shape of your life.

• Gather knowledge that will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle change logically.

• Write down your fitness goals, review them daily, and take action to achieve them. Set realistic short term and long term goals.

• Be prepared for setbacks because you will have them. Simply view them as learning experiences for continued success. Never give up!

• Monitor, evaluate, and reward your progress.

As you identify and incorporate realistic changes towards your healthy lifestyle, I encourage you to keep a positive attitude. Don’t allow anything to stand between you and your goal of feeling better, looking better, and performing better. Improving individual health benefits like lowering your blood pressure or cholesterol are great motivators that will help fuel your exercise program as a way of life.

Until next week, keep up the good work and please go out and make it a nutritious and healthy day! To get started on healthy weight loss and nutrition products call Reggies Personal Training & Nutrition, 104 E. Main, Shawnee, (405) 613-0237, email to reggiesnutrition@hotmail.com, or check out products at www.yourhealthmatters.truewealthathome.com, Ask about the 24 day challenge that improves health, improves your energy, and jumpstarts weight loss!