Presentation to detail GIS.

The City of Shawnee continues to shape its forthcoming Geographic Information System (GIS), an interactive map of the city. Sept. 10, GIS Manager Tom Miller will present detailed project information to the Shawnee Economic Development Foundation.


Miller recently gave a similar presentation to Shawnee Municipal Authority employees. The 9 a.m. SEDF meeting, open to the public, will detail map functionality and provide the community a progress update.


“Layering data, that’s where we really are,” Miller said. “You have to get your data built first.”

Miller said some of phase two, application development, “where you decide what type of interface you’re going to use to present data,” has already started. The third and final phase is GIS utilization.


The system is designed to benefit the interests of citizens and city employees.


While the system’s application will be primarily practical and relate to location of assets, like warning sirens and water lines, fun features are also expected. One of those features is delivery of thorough information on Horse in the City, the project behind the artistic, life-size horses throughout the Shawnee area.


Miller said though GIS data collection, which will be accessible through a website and a smartphone application, could take another six months, the city plans to release limited information in the next two to three months.