Asher voters Tuesday supported two propositions to benefit area schools.

Asher voters Tuesday supported two propositions to benefit area schools.

Proposition No. 1, a $1.74 million plan to enhance the high school gymnasium that would also include a storm shelter with the capacity to hold more than 300 people, passed with 84.2 percent of the vote.

Proposition No. 2, which would allow the school system to purchase two new school busses, passed with 85.6 percent of the vote.

Both propositions needed more than 60 percent of the vote to pass.

Asher Superintendent Terry Grissom said he was impressed by the large margin in which both issues passed.

“The community has always been supportive of bond issues in the past, but if you look at the final numbers, that’s a lot of support,” Grissom said.

Proposition No. 1 will add a new lobby area and new visiting team dressing rooms to the north side of the gymnasium.

The current, home dressing rooms in the back of the gym will be torn down and replaced by larger rooms, Grissom said. These rooms, totaling 1,643 square feet of space, will also function as safe rooms.

Grissom said he hopes to use this space as a public shelter as well.

“During the school day the kids are first, but when we’re not using it it’ll be open for the community,” he said.

Grissom said the safe room should easily be able to hold 329 people.

No timetable has been set for construction yet, but Asher expects to receive money for the project in spring.

Before this bond issue was passed, Asher had to transport children offsite to take shelter or make do with their own facilities.

Proposition No. 2 allows the district $150,000 in bonds to spend on two new school busses.

“We have definitely got our money’s worth out of the busses we’ve got now,” Grissom said.

The new vehicles will be very useful for school athletic teams, he added, which have been successful in recent years.

Proposition No. 1 received 114 total votes, 96 in favor of the proposition. Proposition No. 2 received 111 total votes, 95 in favor.