Christmas is the season of giving.

One local family has put a clever twist on their secret santa gift giving. Instead of doing a small gift exchange this family has pooled their money together and selects a family in need, while all remaining anonymous.

“This tradition serves as a great reminder that the season of giving isn't about the gift you receive under the tree, but instead your willingness to do for others what they may not be able to do for themselves,” Secret Santa Gail said. “Giving something to someone without the expectation of receiving anything in return, including acknowledgement, is a great lesson. I really enjoy repeating this tradition every year.”

This tradition started five years ago when the family felt they were in a rut with the typical gift exchange. The children in the family were all grown up and wanted to come up with a way to help others during the holiday season.

There are four children and 10 grandchildren in this family, and each year they put whatever they can into the pool. Once the money is gathered, one of the grandchildren selects a family who they feel is the most in need of their generous gift.

“We started with the oldest grandchild, and when we get to the youngest we will start over with the oldest,” Secret Santa Gail said.

The family, who wishes to remain anonymous, wanted to share their idea in hopes other families might join them in this Christmas tradition.

The Secret Santa family is scattered all over the country and will occasionally select those in need outside of the Shawnee community.