Some Christmas presents are better than others, but none beats the original Christmas present when God sent His son to us on the first Christmas morning.

Sometimes in the craziness of gift giving, parties and family gatherings, we can forget just how important the day is that we are celebrating.

I help teach a Sunday School for high school freshmen. It is entertaining and enlightening every week. These guys think a lot. Some of their thoughts are wacky, but other times, they reveal some deep thoughts that catch you off guard.

I was teaching a lesson out of the Book of Daniel where God actually used a human-like hand to write a message to the king on the wall of the palace. Daniel of course, translated the message.

One of my students was thinking out loud and asked why God didn’t do miracles like that today. After all, it would be much easier to deal with atheist friends and teachers if you had a sign like that to point to.

I gave one of my best answers ever.

“I don’t know,” I said – but I said it in a very knowledgeable way.

We went on to talk about why it might be and I think we ended up in a pretty good place.

Throughout Old Testament history while God was doing things like talking to Moses through a burning bush or writing a message on a palace wall, everything was pointing toward that first Christmas morning. The birth of this child fulfilled centuries of prophecy and caused a new star to be placed in the sky to summon the wise men from afar.

On that first Christmas morning, everything started to be remade. God doesn't have to write on walls now.

The birth of Jesus led to the fulfillment of even more prophecy when his death caused the sun to be blotted out and the curtain in the temple - the ultimate representation of the separation of God and man - to fall.

Easter Sunday was what made Christmas morning a big deal.

Even the Old Testament figures who had moments with God had to wish that they had this direct connection to their God like we can now.

Moses had instances with the Ten Commandments and the burning bush and he saw the Red Sea part, but those moments, though incredible, were fleeting.

Jesus' birth, life and death meant that we no longer needed priests and sacrifices to speak to God and have sins atoned.

Like I told my class, I don’t have a doctorate in divinity, but I am pretty sure that this system is much better even though the big flashy miracles are harder to find.

Thanks to Christmas morning, we have miracles every day.

I hope you have a great day celebrating Christmas with your friends and family.