On Oct. 10 residents of A-Rolling Acres Mobile Home Park were given an eviction notice due to the park not being in compliance with the Department of Environmental Quality's regulations regarding water and sewer volume. Residents were given 60 days to move their trailers.

Several of the residents have packed up and moved their home to a different location but there are a few that still remain.

The remaining residents filed a restraining order against Stephen H. Sanders, Amanda D. Sanders and A-Rolling Acres Mobile Home Park, which took effect on Dec. 21.

Those residents who still live at the park will have their case heard on Jan. 3 at the Pottawatomie County Courthouse to determine if the restraining order will stand.

The restraining order states that, “Stephen H. Sanders and/or Amanda D. Sanders d/b/a A-Rolling Acres Mobile Home Park, their agents, employees and all others who are under the control of Defendants from turning off utilities at the A-Rolling Acres Mobile Home Park; locking Plaintiffs out from ingress or egress to the A-Rolling Acres Mobile Home Park; or taking any other action which interferes with Plaintiffs' use and peaceful enjoyment of their homes or which makes their homes uninhabitable.”

In an unrelated incident, several of the remaining residents were without water from the evening of Dec. 25 to the morning of Dec. 26.

In the eviction notice the residents received, it stated that Alan Woodward was the point of contact for any questions or concerns.

Woodward was contacted on Dec. 26; he stated that the well pump was broken and none of the residents were notified because the reason for the pump's malfunction was unknown. Even though Woodward stated he was no longer in charge of property maintenance, he was aware of the pump not working.

Sanders could not be reached for comment.

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