It is always a little sad when Christmas Day comes and goes. There is so much anticipation it can be depressing when it is gone.

It is always a little sad when Christmas Day comes and goes. There is so much anticipation it can be depressing when it is gone.

At least it means no one has to move the Elf on the Shelf for another year. I don’t mind it, really. After all, my wife and older son handle all of the elf duties.

I just have to be amazed every morning when Dawit shows me what they did last night. Dawit still believes in Santa. He loves it.

When I was a little kid, Christmas magic was a little different. My older brother used to say, “Come on, fat boy, we have to go to bed so mom and dad can build our toys.”

I have no memories of ever believing in Santa. It was fun to pretend I did because it might have meant a few extra presents each year, but I knew Santa looked a lot like my dad and Mrs. Claus also made us breakfast Christmas morning.

Even though we miss the anticipation of Christmas the morning after, there is nothing better than seeing children open a gift that they love. Blake is a teen now. He got games and clothes and loved it all. I even shelled a bag of pistachio nuts for my son because I like to take care of people.

Dawit got a soccer ball, a basketball and a new Nerf football because he is not a watcher. Dawit is a doer.

When we arrived at my in-laws I was privileged to be the quarterback for both teams in a football game between the older cousins and younger cousins. I was a little surprised that I could use the same trick plays for both teams and neither of them ever caught on.

I may not be Baker Mayfield but I made all of those cousins look like Big 12 defensive backs. We scored a lot of points and there was very little defense being played. It’s too bad no one was running video of it.

I could have applied for the NFL Draft.

My favorite gift this year was a tie. I don’t even like to wear ties. But this tie featured copies of some of my favorite front pages from the News-Star. I can’t wait for just the right occasion to wear it.

Perhaps the best part of this Christmas was going to church. With Christmas on a Sunday, I wasn’t sure how many people would be there. It was great to see every chair filled and arrangements being made for people who arrived a little bit too late to find a seat.

Another Christmas came and went and I was fortunate enough to enjoy good food and good times with family across the state. It was great and I’m a little sad to see it go.

Hopefully this week finishes 2016 in a good way and we can kick off a new year with more good times ahead.