Sometimes things just don’t go your way.

Tuesday night, I headed to Tecumseh to cover a basketball game. Unfortunately, when I got there, the building was dark. Multiple schedules were wrong and the game was actually a road game.

Not being one to take “we don’t have a game here tonight” for an answer. I headed up the road to Bethel High School since I knew they were playing at home.

I got to the game a few minutes late, but in plenty of time to cover it.

When I was hurrying to get set up and make up for lost time, the referee kept getting right in front of me. When I pulled the camera down, I noticed that the referee was a real jerk. I know because I have had to deal with him for years. It was my brother.

Actually, my brother is one of the better referees I have seen at the thousands of games I have covered in more than two decades on this side of the sideline. I wouldn’t just say that either. He beat me up almost every day and sometimes it wasn’t even entirely my fault.

After getting a few minutes between games to talk to him about his schedule this week, I thought to myself, “This is why I’m here.”

It wasn’t why I was at Bethel Tuesday night. That was an accident. But being able to accidentally bump into my brother, being able to mow my mother’s lawn in the summer, and being able to drive to family holiday celebrations in an hour instead of having to take off for an entire weekend to come home are some of the many reasons I wanted to find my way back to Oklahoma.

It has been exactly two years since I put my foundation back on God’s red dirt and I haven’t regretted it for a minute.

I love coming to work with a great staff every day and the communities we serve are among the best around.

Sometimes things don’t go your way. Moving to this newspaper and this city two years ago was one of the times things did go my way.