On Jan. 10, voters in the North Rock Creek school district will decide on a bond issue that consists of two propositions for a total of $20,910,000.

Superintendent Blake Moody said the bond will cover construction of a new high school for the district to expand beyond eighth grade.

“The community has been asking for a high school for probably close to 50 years. We received permission from the state board of education so that's what we're trying to do,” Moody said. “This is an educational opportunity to keep our kids together and offer them an educational opportunities in high school.”

The new building would consist of 20 classroom spaces, a cafeteria and kitchen, band room and vocational and agriculture space. Moody said he envisions the innovation center will have a library and media component, spaces for robotics and possibly television and broadcasting space. There will also be special education spaces along with traditional classrooms.

If the bond issues passes, for every $1,000 paid in property taxes, residents will pay an extra $210, Moody estimated.

The school bond must pass by a 60 percent supermajority.