Hillary Clinton hurt her campaign by saying that half of Donald Trump’s supporters belonged in a “basket of deplorables” and are beyond redemption.

The Trump campaign and the well-meaning people who supported Trump were outraged at the suggestion. Clinton was wrong to say it was half of his supporters. However, even Trump’s most ardent supporters would be forced to face the fact that while her estimate of the number might have been off, there was a racist, white-nationalist, sexist and otherwise deplorable subset of the voting population that found a home under the tent alongside those more well-meaning supporters.

For instance, Ann Coulter supported Donald Trump. Coulter fell in love with Trump because of his plan to build a wall across the border with Mexico to keep illegal immigrants out and to hold mass deportations of those who have already crossed the border.

Of course, Trump has already begun changing those plans and now he wants America to fund the wall and send Mexico a bill to repay us at some later date. I’m sure if that doesn’t work out Trump can sell a bridge or maybe some swampland to pay for it.

Coulter makes her living playing to that fringe element who hates people of color – black, brown, you name it. I’m not sure Coulter is a racist. But I do know that she built her brand by playing to people who lean that direction and she loves selling her books to them.

Coulter had a wish during the election that only people with all four grandparents born in America could vote in the election. Of course, that would have eliminated Donald Trump and all of his children from the voter rolls. But don’t worry, their heritage is European, not Mexican, African or other places that Coulter finds unworthy of a vote.

Coulter is spending less and less time pretending that she isn’t a racist these days. She is keeping up the shroud of plausible deniability, but her openly ignorant stance on race relations is pulling back that curtain little by little.

This week, Coulter tweeted a comment that showed her new, less couched tone. Coulter felt compelled to come to the defense of a racist who took his weapons into a house of worship to kill black people because of his hate.

Dylann Roof took his Confederate flag selfies and his guns and he committed mass murder in a church. He has been convicted in federal court and may end up facing the death penalty.

One of Coulter’s followers tweeted a link to her of a story about another horrible crime – the Carr brothers’ devastating attacks on a group of people in Wichita, Kan.

The Carr brothers are black and their victims were all white. I know this case well. I published the newspaper in El Dorado, Kan. before returning to Oklahoma. I have walked the halls of the correctional facility where the Carr brothers are jailed. If you ever fail to have nightmares, read the court records. They detail some of the most hateful, gruesome and torturous behavior you can imagine.

Coulter tweeted at her follower that she was shocked that these two men haven’t been executed yet. Of course, in her opinion, that is because Kansas was protecting them because they were black and their victims were white. She opined that Roof would meet a much harsher fate because his skin tone and that of his victims was inverted.

“20 years later, they still haven't been executed. Want to make an over-under on how long it takes to execute Dylan (sic) Roof?” she said in her tweet.

There are a lot of angles you could take to point out what a deplorable person Coulter is. I’ll just stick to the facts. Not one of the 60 people currently on death row in the federal court system has been executed since 2003. Only three have been executed since 1988 when the federal death penalty moratorium was lifted.

All three of those were convicted and lived about eight years behind bars before their sentences were carried out. So if Roof is sentenced to death – and he should be – he would likely live at least eight years behind bars before anything happened to him.

That isn’t because he is white and his victims were black. That’s just how the system works.

The case she points to in Kansas is a horrible case. Believe me, if you read about it, you might fill out an application to be an executioner.

There is one problem, though. Kansas hasn’t executed anyone since 1965. They haven’t executed a white guy. They haven’t executed a black guy. They haven’t executed anyone in between. Kansas has spent 50 years as an execution free zone. The fact that the Carr brothers have continued breathing for 16 years after committing their horrific crimes isn’t that shocking and it certainly isn’t because they are getting special racial consideration.

But the facts don’t keep Coulter or any of the deplorable Trump supporters from spouting their hate on television programs, Twitter, or other online outlets.

When liberals hear these things, they are enraged. When good conservatives hear them, they cringe.

Trump hasn’t even held his inauguration yet. We can still hope things will go well during his presidency.

I, for one, hope that he stands up to those who support him who also fit the deplorable description perfectly and show them that their views are not welcome in America in 2017.