The Women’s Archives at Oklahoma State University is seeking materials from the public to help document and tell the story of the Oklahoma Women’s Marches, held Jan. 21.

“As part of one of the largest international efforts to advocate for women’s concerns in recent decades, the marches provide a unique opportunity for the archives to serve as an official repository to capture this particular moment in Oklahoma history,” Associate Dean of OSU Libraries Mary Larson said.

Both physical items (such as signs, buttons, stickers and flyers) and digital materials (e.g., photos, videos, organizational files, emails or social media) from the Oklahoma marches are of interest. To donate, contact David Peters at or 405-744-6597.

Once processed, the collected contributions will be available to researchers interested in a wide variety of fields, such as history, gender and women’s studies, media studies, political science, art history and others.

“By preserving physical and digital materials related to the marches, we can offer future students and faculty a window into these events and how they related to what was happening internationally,” Larson said.

The Women’s Archives at OSU serves as a central information source about women in Oklahoma by preserving the contributions they make to the state in all areas, including science, culture, business, and government. Gifts that reflect women’s interests, activities, and intellectual pursuits from territorial days to the present are welcome. If you have questions about the Women’s Archives more generally, contact Mary Larson at or 405-744-6588.