Pleasant Grove School will not be getting any upgrades.

Out of 274 registered voters in the Pleasant Grove School District, 55 voted no (72.37%), while 21 voted in favor (27.63%) of an $810,000 bond issue that would have resulted in the construction of a new classroom addition and storm shelter.

If passed, for every $100 paid in property taxes, there would have been a $36.93 increase.

“I think the jump in percentage of what people would pay in property tax,” Superintendent Scott Roper said regarding the reason why the issue failed. “We are looking and see what we can do feasibly to try and build the tax base up, with a series of smaller bonds and not make such a big jump. Because of the last two failures, the previous bonds came off in December 2016.”

Currently, the school is forced to shut down during tornado warnings, Roper said. The new addition would have allowed the school to remain open during bad weather.

Similar bond issues failed twice in 2015.

School bonds must pass by a 60 percent supermajority.