Our partisan political system has developed a “win at all costs” mentality.

No one is willing to accept defeat because they fear long-term damage to the party if one of their own isn’t propped up despite the obvious need to prune the partisan tree.

Giving up the moral and ethical high ground and keeping damaged personalities in power is a Pyrrhic victory.

Some wins are not worth the cost.

Republicans won in 2016 after eight years of fighting Barack Obama. The GOP has only controlled the White house for 8 years in the past quarter century. Obviously, they don’t want to give the Democrats any advantage to win it back in 2020 or beyond.

My concern is that continuing to support Donald Trump will do more harm to the party and the country than cutting losses and showing the true conviction of character.

President Trump is still not convinced that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. He has seen birth certificates. He has seen birth announcements in Hawaiian newspapers. He was mocked in person at a White House Correspondents' Dinner with a "Lion King" video by a sitting President.

Now that he is President himself, despite all of his own intelligence agencies saying the Russians interfered in the 2016 Presidential election, despite members of Congress telling him the intelligence agencies are right, and despite his own claims the Obama knew about the interference before the election, Trump gets one sentence from Russian President Vladimir Putin and he takes it as gospel.

“… Now it is time to move forward in working constructively with Russia,” Trump tweeted after the meeting.

Trump said the two world leaders went as far as to discuss a joint Cyber Security unit with the country known for hacking American electoral systems, parties and businesses.

He never was able to take the word of a sitting U.S. President about where he was born, but after one meeting, he is ready to install a fox as the head security agent for the henhouse.

Obviously, the outrage was felt across the country as everyone from pundits to Senators reacted to the idea he floated even as secret meetings between his son, son-in-law and campaign manager and Russian envoys were being revealed.

Sen. Ben Sasse said the idea would never happen and Trump tweeting about it was “inexplicably bizarre.”

Senator Lindsay Graham added his thoughts on the joint cyber security unit, “Not the dumbest idea I ever heard, but it's pretty close."

President Trump’s own Secretary of the Treasury thought the idea of joining forces with Russia on a Cyber Security unit was a spectacular idea and a “great accomplishment” for the President during his meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Alas, only 12 hours after the President first announced his “plan” to secure America’s online information, he reversed course.

“The fact that President Putin and I discussed a Cyber Security unit doesn’t mean I think it can happen. It can’t – but a ceasefire can and did!” Trump tweeted Sunday night.

This President has no plan. There have been a lot of theories floated that he is playing chess while his opponents play checkers. He is working three steps ahead while you chase whatever goose he releases on a given day.

I don’t believe that at all.

Nothing he does, or even says, is vetted or planned. He has no real advisors. He trusts no one’s opinion more than his own.

A person working with a plan and the courage of his convictions doesn’t talk about a Cyber Security Unit, send a top official on Sunday shows to praise his accomplishment in setting it up, and kill it hours later.

I do believe the Trump campaign colluded with Russians to try to win. Do I think they got anything done? I don’t know if they did or not. I know they tried. Trump’s son, son-in-law and campaign chief took a meeting to try to receive information that would benefit the campaign.

That same campaign chief would soon be forced out due to other Russian ties. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, has failed to disclose not one, not two, but three meetings with Russian envoys during the campaign.

And of course, there is Mike Flynn.

Where there is this much smoke there is fire, and this is a fire that could damage not only the Republican Party, but the country.

It is time for Republicans to stop wringing their hands and doing nothing. Investigations into this administration’s ties to Russian have to be completed and we have to accept the results even if it means the party takes a short-term hit.

This is the party of Ronald Reagan who led America to a victory in the Cold War and stared down his Russian counterparts at every turn.

It can’t become the party that accepts Russian interference in our democracy simply because some in power believe the ends justify the means.