It is always nice to get away from the grind for a little while.

But somehow even when I try to get away, news follows me. If there is a sports, weather or crime story at home, I try to chase it down. For some reason, when I went on vacation, the news chased me down.

All I wanted to do was drive down to the lake to pick out a good fishing spot for the next morning. I hadn’t ever fished for trout in a lake, so I wanted to do some homework on it.

That’s when news changed my plans. It was certainly interesting, but unfortunately this set of videos and photos wasn’t newsworthy to the News-Star audience.

It turns out that a guy who would walk around a neighborhood of vacation homes in Branson wearing nothing but his underwear with a knife poorly concealed in the rear portion thereof, also makes poor choices in other areas of his life.

After my boys told me about seeing this man while I was away playing golf, I walked out on the patio and saw the security guard with his hand on his gun talking to someone on a neighboring deck. Then I heard the person yelling at the officer and throwing things off his deck.

Apparently, that had been his idea of a good time for most of the day.

Soon, more police and deputies arrived and blocked everyone in the parking lot. I went out to see what was going on. The officers busted in his door and gave him a very nice escort out of his home and into a squad car for a free ride to the local jail.

Soon after he was gone, I thought we might get to go down to the lake after all. But it wasn’t to be. More officers and deputies with the support of a huge fire truck rolled into the parking lot, blocking all traffic in a big way.

They secured the home, made sure everyone felt safe and finally left sometime just before midnight.

It would have been quite a story if I were a reporter for the Branson News. Since I’m not, it’s just another “you won’t believe what happened” story from a vacation.

So far, the rest of the trip has been far less noteworthy – unless you count Dawit stopping traffic with a crash on his first race as a driver in a full speed go-cart. But Dawit crashing a go-cart is kind of a “dog bites man” story. That’s just what he does.

Hopefully, we will experience more fun and fewer newsworthy events in our home away from home for the rest of our stay.