Johnson Bridgewater, Chapter Director of the Oklahoma Sierra Club will speak to the Uprising group on Sunday, August 13th, at 2 PM at the Shawnee Public Library.  He will inform the attendees about current efforts to bring attention to bad legislation in the state, such as suing the state over their compete lack of action on earthquakes.  The Sierra Club in Oklahoma has over 4,000 members, and is found in 75 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties, and those groups have launched a focused effort to help Oklahomans “Explore, Enjoy and Protect Oklahoma,” taking into consideration the changing energy economy and the social and cultural changes we are all experiencing.  The bottom line is that Sierra Club is at the forefront of efforts to stop people like Scott Pruitt from selling out the United States environment.  Mr. Bridgewater will answer questions about the many, complicated issues arising from the collision of economic and environmental interests.

        The public is invited to attend this informative presentation.