As the new school year quickly approaches, one local business is rallying the community to help some teachers become better prepared for classes.

As the new school year quickly approaches, one local business is rallying the community to help some teachers become better prepared for classes.

It's an event near and dear to the heart of Pure Nutrition owner Alina Groth — seeing first-hand how much her mother-in-law puts back into her classroom and children out of her own pocket.

Elizabeth Snow said the health food store is currently hosting a Teacher Giveaway, where people can nominate local teachers for gift cards for school supplies.

For the next week and a half, donations will be welcomed.

“We are accepting donations in the store, which is at 34 W. MacArthur in Shawnee,” she said.

Snow said all profits from its Aug. 10 sales also will be donated to the giveaway.

Snow said the business will purchase gift cards for three winning teachers.

“We will do a live drawing in the shop at noon and announce the winners on our social media pages,” she said. “We are hoping we can raise enough awareness and donations to get them a sizable amount — at least a couple of hundred dollars for each teacher,” she said.

Snow said that with the shortage of funding a lot of teachers have to purchase supplies out of their pockets.

That effort has not gone unnoticed by Groth.

She said she grew up in Shawnee and at one point was homeless during high school.

“This community helped raise me,” Groth said. “It was hard, and there were people in the community that helped me.”

She said she is now in a position where she can give back and hopefully pay-it-forward to someone else.

“I want to help kids realize that no matter where you come from, there is always a way to make your situation better and that if I can do it, so can they," Groth said.

Pure Nutrition also is celebrating local businesses with another #ShapeUpShawnee community effort; it's called the 90_4_90 campaign.

Starting Sept. 1, Snow said through 90_4_90, Pure Nutrition will deliver free teas and shakes to a local business.

“When we deliver them we ask that they nominate another local business for us to give to the following day,” Snow said. The business will do this for 90 days.

She said it's a way to help local business owners and start a pay-it-forward movement within the community. “We are hoping this will not only be a way to show our appreciation, but the businesses will see how much the people in the community appreciated them by nominating them,” she said. “This is all a part of our #ShapeUpShawnee campaign which we will continue to grow and hopefully be able to evolve into a movement where more then one business participates.”

Pure Nutrition just celebrated its two-year anniversary April 14. They host a Community Night every Thursday, either at the store or off-site.

“Hopefully we can keep making a difference and get the community involved in supporting these free events,” she said. “It's up to us to take care of each other and our community, and it just has to start with one person.”

To make a nomination or donation, visit the store or the Facebook page at Pure Nutrition Shawnee. The store also is on Instagram @pure_nutrition_.