On Wednesday, Aug. 9 the students at Dale Schools will return for the year.

Some of the biggest changes will be the north wing of the high school will be gone. The old gymnasium and administration buildings are also no longer a part of the school campus.

The new administration building is now located at 208 Oklahoma Street, northwest of the school.

During construction there were six classrooms that were demolished, causing Superintendent Charlie Dickinson and his staff to reconfigure classroom arrangements and class schedules.

“We had to relocate some teachers and coaches. They will share classrooms with each other until the project is complete,” Dickinson said.

Despite the campus being under significant renovation, Dickinson has noticed an increase in elementary enrollment, Dickinson said.

Through all the construction, Dickinson said he's satisfied with the progress of the construction.

“Our kids, families and program deserve these new facilities,” he said.

On Feb. 14, voters in the Dale school district approved a $10M bond issue.

The bond issue, will fund construction of a new high school and gymnasium.