Shawnee teens on Monday continued to mark their opposition to the shortened lunch time at Shawnee High School; the schedule this year has been adjusted to resolve bussing and budget issues.

As a result, high schoolers got 10 minutes shaved off their lunch break.

SHS Senior Ricky Divelbiss, 17, and a couple friends started a petition last week, citing that traffic issues render the 40-minute break too short — and dangerous.

On Wednesday evening SPS District Superintendent Dr. April Grace said it's understandable that students would not be in favor of their lunch period being slimmed down a little.

“Change is always difficult for any of us,” she said.

Students do still have the option to eat on campus.

“Many school districts across the state have closed campus at lunch and (have) even shorter lunch periods,” Grace said.

To further their point on Monday, students chose purposefully to stay on campus during the lunch period in hopes of proving that closing the campus for lunch isn't a viable option.

“We had a good showing,” Divelbiss said.

Grace said certainly students have the option to go off campus for lunch or stay on campus; she said they, likewise, have the option as to whether to obey the traffic laws.

Divelbiss said his petition received 155 names the first afternoon — with many more students wishing to be added; he said he will be taking a new count of signatures Tuesday.

The school hasn't responded yet, he said, and the group hasn't yet presented the petition to school officials.

Watch for updates.