Local firefighters have returned from days of service to flooding victims in southern Texas.

Crews trained in water rescue were deployed Wednesday.

Local firefighters have returned from days of service to flooding victims in southern Texas.

Crews trained in water rescue were deployed Wednesday.

“We were notified of the request for Flood and Swiftwater Technician (F.A.S.T.)–certified firefighters (Tuesday) night through the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management,” Shawnee Fire Chief Dru Tischer said.

By noon Wednesday morning, the SFD crew — along with crews of F.A.S.T.-certified firefighters from the Tecumseh, Seminole and Guthrie Fire Departments —had packed up and left for a potential 14-day deployment.

SFD firefighters took the department’s 16-foot aluminum boat and 14-foot inflatable boat with them.

Tischer said he was glad the department was in a position to send crews to help with the devastating need in Houston.

Tischer reported that SFD swiftwater rescue technicians Capt. Scott Killgore, Capt. Travis Cooley, Lt. Patrick Winsett and Lt. Chip Sheppard returned safely to Shawnee Sunday afternoon.

“We are very proud of the job these guys did in Houston and are very glad they returned home safely,” Tischer said.

Guthrie Fire Chief Eric Harlow said it was an honor for his crew to be able to help out.

Harlow said his crew of four got back home safe and sound Sunday evening.

“We are proud of the jobs our Oklahoma responders did assisting with the devastation in the Houston area,” he said. “We hope for the best as our Texas neighbors continue a long recovery process.”

He said Oklahoma is known for having its share of natural disasters.

“We've received help from our friends in other states and this (was) our chance to gladly return those favors,” he said.

A post on the Tecumseh Fire Department's Facebook Page reported that TFD crews also were released Sunday morning and made it home that afternoon.

On the Seminole Fire Department's Facebook Page, a post announced the return of its crew Sunday, as well.

“They are exhausted as you would imagine,” the post read. “The devastation is unimaginable and renovation will be a process.”

The Seminole Fire Department thanked the citizens of Seminole for their outpouring of love and support.

“It is no surprise that our citizens came through for us, they always do! #HurricaneHarvey,” the post read.

Additional Oklahoma swift water teams deployed to Texas Wednesday from Chickasha Fire, McCurtain County, McIntosh County Fire and Yukon Fire.

According to a post on the Chickasha Fire Department & Emergency Management Facebook page, a photo of a journal page showed a breakdown of what Oklahoma's Task Force did while deployed to hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

“All of your Oklahoma responders were able to come together and work as a team to accomplish their mission even though most of them had never met before,” the post reads. “I think it's a testament to the Oklahoma standard that this could happen.”

The post also stated the importance of thanking the citizens from the communities they serve.

“It's your support that allows us to be prepared to respond in times of need. So, to the citizens of Chickasha and all of Oklahoma, thank you,” the post read.

Find friends, family

To find friends or family in the affected area, visit www.safeandwell.org.

How to help

Oklahoma Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) offers the following tips:

When disaster strikes, the best way to support survivors of emergencies or disasters in Oklahoma is with cash donations to reputable voluntary organizations. Cash donations allow relief organizations or survivors to purchase what they need, when and where they need it. Buying supplies locally helps the local community recover by helping local businesses pay salaries and by keeping tax revenues in the community.