The band is back together.

The band is back together.

Local metal band, Perseus, is reuniting after a six-year hiatus and has hopes of earning a slot on the KATTFEST 2017 lineup.

Members include Jeremy Knight on vocals, Chris Gomez on Guitar, Darek Johns on bass, Wes McCormick on drums and Gabriel Heatherly on guitar.

The idea of getting back together happened at a Megadeath show a few weeks ago.

“For all of us, life kind of got in the way, but we happened we ran into each other a few weeks ago,” Heatherly said. “We were joking around about doing a reunion show and one thing led to another, we had the reunion show and it was received really well. Then this opportunity to try out for KATTFEST came up so we jumped on it.”

The band will be performing at Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City this Saturday in hopes of advancing to the second round of competition to play as a local act at KATTFEST. Fans of the group can expect to hear some of their previously released material come competition time.

“We will be performing some of our older material that we have tinkered around with and updated,” Heatherly said.

If the band advances through the two qualifying rounds, it would be a great opportunity and undoubtedly a stepping stone in the band's reunion tour, Heatherly said.

A lot of metal genres have a big following overseas. So once KATTFEST is done, the band has hopes of recording a demo and latching on to a tour overseas,” Heatherly said.

“Our goal is to get a demo out and get it in the hands of record labels and see where it goes from there,” Heatherly said. “We are taking it slow and working around all of our schedules. Our main focus at this point is winning this competition.”

As a band, Perseus believes in their talent and their mindset is they will be playing at KATTFEST.

“I think we really have a good shot at winning this competition,” Heatherly said.

Heatherly and McCormick were performing as a different band and in 2008 came together and rebranded as Perseus.

“We first started off playing a bunch of house shows and a few other venues,” Heatherly said. “Eventually we got pretty lucky and got on some big metal shows in Oklahoma City. We had a really positive response from all of them.”

Leading up to this weekend's performance, the band currently practices several times per week at Gomez's house.

The competition for KATTFEST kicks off this Saturday at the Diamond Ballroom, located at 8001 South Eastern Ave. The doors will open at 3:30 p.m. and bands will start at 4:20 p.m.

For more information or to purchase tickets to their show this Saturday, visit Perseus' website