After competing in the first round of a competition for the chance to perform at KATTFEST, Perseus finished with the most votes and has advanced to round two.

“It still feels surreal,” guitarist Gabriel Heatherly said. “I thought we would for sure make it to the next round, but we ended up getting the most votes out of all 11 bands. This was an honor, considering how good all of the other bands are.”

After round one, the band had exceeded their original expectations and is extremely thankful for all the support, Heatherly said.

“Everything in the first performance went smoothly,” he said. “Our vocalist, Jeremy [Knight], is insane. He jumped over the barricade between the stage and the crowd. He totally nailed the stage dive. None of us saw that coming. It was an amazing show all around.”

Speaking of Knight’s stage presence, he said he does it because he loves to get the crowd engaged in the show.

"I like to put on a good show and have a lot of interaction with the fans,” Knight said. "I love to entertain and share our music and get people involved in the show.”

Looking back on the first round, guitarist Chris Gomez was pleased with the way things went and the band will only build on the success of round one.

“We were blown away by how many people came to support us,” Gomez said. "The number of tickets that showed up in our ballot box was more than expected. At the end I couldn’t help but have this huge cheesy smile on my face. The crowd response was amazing and it was a great feeling. It was great to see all the crowd support and there was a ton of positive energy.”

The band will look to build on their momentum and add a few new features to the show Sept. 23.

“There were a few things we noticed that could’ve been better," Gomez said. “This next round we are trimming the fat and are going to do some special stage stuff. We are working on a few ideas that will really keep the fans entertained.”

Members of Perseus include Knight on vocals, Darek Johns on bass, Wes McCormick on drums and Heatherly and Gomez on guitar.

After a six-year hiatus the band reunited with the hopes of playing at KATTFEST. The band mates were reunited at a recent Megadeth show.

“After coming out of a little hiatus and seeing the support we had coming back was really big,” Knight said. “A lot of our songs were older and they were new to the scene now, so we were pretty much embraced like a new band.”

Final round for the chance to perform at KATTFEST will be at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City on Sept. 23. Perseus will go on stage at 9:30 p.m.

For more information or to purchase tickets to their show Sept. 23, visit Perseus’ website www.

Tickets can be purchased from all the band members.