Here it is Sunday and I am once again writing about an event that will be taking place at the Shawnee Senior Center, 401 N. Bell.

Here it is Sunday and I am once again writing about an event that will be taking place at the Shawnee Senior Center, 401 N. Bell.

If you read last week’s column, perhaps you remember that I was writing about an event we were going to be hosting on Sept. 19 (that’s this coming Tuesday) at the center. The event is the Blue Zones Project Pottawatomie County Purpose Workshop.

I admitted that I knew almost nothing (and that’s being generous) about the event I was writing about. All I believe I mentioned was that it involved “knowing your purpose” but I wasn’t really clear on what that exactly meant, “knowing your purpose.” I believe I have a better understanding now, so I’m going to try to give you a better understanding too.

First, I met Bethany West. She is a young, enthusiastic gal who loves her work as the engagement lead for the Blue Zones Project in Pottawatomie County. Now what I’m going to do is try to explain my understanding of what this project wants to do based on what Bethany told me in our short meeting.

Through the support and sponsorship of the Avedis Foundation, this health and wellness initiative will work in Pottawatomie County for the next three years. During that time, the Blue Zones Project team and their supporting committees will be working to make Pottawatomie County a better place for all to live by helping the people who live here to be happier and healthier.

They started by getting a core group of people who were interested in improving Shawnee to join them in various meetings and outreaches, and now they are ready to share with the general public.

One way to accomplish this is by having meetings where they will explain the story and objectives of the Blue Zones Project.

One mission of the Blue Zones Project is to help Pottawatomie County residents discover their purpose.

At a two-hour, interactive purpose workshop, you will be helped to discover your gifts and ignite your passion, which allow you to discover your true purpose.

Now here we are back to the “purpose” word again. And since we are back to that word, I want to explain how “Cruise Director Kate” got me to a simplified understanding of “purpose.”

It’s the real reason you get out of bed in the morning. That’s it. Not the one that says it’s morning and you have to go to work or you’re hungry or you’re tired of laying down and you want to walk around. The real reason you get out of bed is because you have a goal for yourself and at that moment (the one where you just woke up) you want to get the day begun so you can accomplish or work toward that purpose.

Now, I haven’t taken the class (remember the first one is Tuesday, Sept. 19 here at the senior center) but I’m sure that it’s gonna flesh out my idea and definition of “purpose” and I’m looking forward to that.

The class is from 6:30 to 8:30 in the evening and it’s an interactive workshop with a slide program and small group participation.

Seating is limited to 200, so please call and let us know you are interested and will be there. We want everyone to be comfortable in a chair, no standing against the walls.

Our phone number is 878-1528, so call and let us know you want to reserve a seat.

Bring a friend, maybe more than one, and learn about why and how it can help you, your families and your friends become healthier, happier people.

Remember, call and reserve a chair – we’ll be looking for you at the Shawnee Senior Center (878-1528) where we will be learning together about the Blue Zones Project Pottawatomie County. Maybe you can get one of those popular “Blue Zones Project” shirts.

Now for some quickie news from the center.

We are going to be hosting another dance on Oct. 14 in the Municipal Auditorium, and this one is called “Moving to Motown.” (Just as an aside, I’m pretty sure that was Valorie’s suggestion.) More information will be available later, but keep the date open because it’s gonna be dancing fun. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for kids 12 and under. Mark your calendar now; you won’t want to miss it.

Bethany West will be joining “Mike in the Morning” on Tuesday (not Wednesday) Sept. 19 at 8:35 a.m. on KGFF Radio (FM 100.9 or AM 1450) to give you some more information about the Blue Zones Project Pottawatomie County and how it can affect your life.

And remember, at the Shawnee Senior Center “Age is just a number.” The website is www.SHAWNEESENIORS.ORG and our Facebook page is “Shawnee Senior Center.”

See you at the center!