It seems that I am always in a thoughtful mood when I sit down at my computer and start to type. I very seldom have a clear idea, just some thoughts, about what I’m going to say but once I sit down the words seem to come tumbling out. Like right now!!

It seems that I am always in a thoughtful mood when I sit down at my computer and start to type. I very seldom have a clear idea, just some thoughts, about what I’m going to say but once I sit down the words seem to come tumbling out. Like right now!! If you haven’t been to the Center in a while (you know the one at 401 North Bell, right next to the Municipal Auditorium) then you gotta come now. We have a new October calendar out and there’s a terrific surprise on the back (formerly blank) side. It’s the menu for October and it lists the meals for every day we are open!! Now you might not think that’s something to make a big fuss over but for people like me (who want to know “What’s for Lunch today”), this is a BIG deal. I no longer will have to call the Center and ask my morning question (you know what it is)...”What’s for lunch today?” Cause now I know (or I will come October)!!

So the staff decided that since no one now has to answer that question every day we might do something with the idea of the menu that might just be fun in October. So this is what we decided. Pick up a copy of the calendar (they’re in the clear plastic holder at the front desk and check out the menu (after you read the front part of course). Look at the lunch for October 19th. That’s a Thursday! See what it says ”Goulash”. Now here’s the deal. We would like you to decide what you would call the “Goulash”. Use your imagination and come up with an original name. Put your idea for a name into the jar provided at the front desk and sit back and see how it goes. At the end of October, a committee of 3 staff will go through the jar and pick the name that best suits or describes the “Goulash”. (We decided on 3 people cause that way there is never a tie.) The winner will receive a prize and the food will carry the name chosen in the menu from that point on. We will be looking for those imaginative, original and descriptive names and the prizes will be the same: Imaginative, original and descriptive... You may certainly enter more than one time, so put your thinking caps on and see how many ways you can come up with a new name for this month’s “Entree of the Month”. (Nothing nasty or vulgar now, cause they won’t win!!!)

Now on to other things that happen around here. The Senior Center hosts many outside groups within its walls and I am the one that gets to see and appreciate all of them cause I get to “babysit” the building. Now babysitting the building has nothing to do with baby sitting children or people. It means exactly what it says, I make sure that your event in the building goes as you would like it to and any situations that come up within the building are taken care of. Have more people come to your event than you thought would, I find you more chairs and/or tables. Need ice, get a container and let’s fill it up. Too hot, too cold...let’s fix it. Want to decorate or set it up before your event, let’s check our schedule and see what works for you and the Center staff will try their best to accommodate you.

I guess my point is to tell you about the things we can offer you if you have an event that needs to meet outside of your home. We are an outside venue that can make your event special and fill your event needs. Small intimate gatherings requiring tables, chairs and access to a kitchen – we have it. Large spaces with sitting space as well as room to dance, guess what? We have it. We have a pool room (again no water, just tables and sticks) with a large dance floor, tables for cards and games as well as chairs for sitting and watching. We have private rooms that can be used for meetings, classes or small groups of partygoers, even children’s birthday parties. We want you to know that if you have an event, check out the Shawnee Senior Center, come in, let Kate show you around and find out how much you can save by renting space at the Center. We’ll take good care of you!!!

Please remember that the Spinning Spools Quilt Guild are celebrating their 30th Anniversary by meeting here at the Shawnee Senior Center on October 5th, that’s Thursday Evening, from 5 to 9pm. This event is open to everyone so feel free to join in the celebration. There will be many of the baby quilts on display as well as some full sized ones. They will also have on display their special “HOUSE QUILT” which accurately displays a quilted rendition of photographs taken in the early 1990’s of some of Shawnee’s easily recognized homes. Also on display will be many of their original (now antique) sewing machines and their photograph binders of the people and events they have had. Come join them in celebrating this amazing organization that has helped so many people over the last 30 years.

Break out your platform shoes and boogie on down to the Municipal Auditorium for the “Mov’n to Motown” dance on October 14th. A trophy for best costume will be presented so dress it up. Please mark your calendars and join us from 7-10pm where you will be entertained by DJ’s James and Tammy Cotton with all the music you remember from the 60’s and 70’s. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children 12 and under. Doors will open at 6:30pm. Look for more detailed information in next week’s Senior Center Happenings and you can even call to hang a poster at your place of business. We appreciate all the advertising we can get.

Cruise Director Kate Joyce will be joining “Mike in the Morning” on Wednesday, October 4th at 8:35am on KGFF Radio (FM 100.9 or AM 1450) to give you more information about rentals at the Shawnee Senior Center and other fun topics.

Remember, at the Shawnee Senior Center “Age is just a number.” The website is www.SHAWNEESENIORS.ORG and our Facebook page is “Shawnee Senior Center.” SEE YOU AT THE CENTER!!!