Gateway to Prevention and Recovery’s Prescription Drug Misuse (Rx Misuse) is currently assessing the county to get baseline data around prescription drug misuse.

To get an accurate picture of the communities in Pottawatomie County, please take a few minutes to take this survey, which can be found at or At the end of the survey you can enter to win a $250 visa gift card. For paper copies of the survey please contact Tara Geist at 405-275-3391x1106.

According to the 2016 Oklahoma Prevention Needs Assessment (OPNA) Survey, 10.3% of Pottawatomie County 8th graders and 22.4% 12th graders have used prescription drugs for non-medical use in their life time. The Rx Misuse team knows the prevention of prescription drug misuse is a high priority in the county and by collecting community data they will be able to tailor prevention efforts in the areas where it will be most effective.

Funding for these efforts is provided by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. To learn more about these prevention efforts, check out our Facebook Page Take As Prescribed Pottawatomie County. For more please contact the Rx Misuse team of Tara Geist at or Jon Greenwood at