For those who aren't morning people, coffee is an essential part of the day.

Note: This is one in a series of articles that focuses on local, one-of-a-kind businesses –– who they are, what they offer, and how they help Shawnee stand out as a unique and thriving city where families interact, invest their time and talent, and work together as a community.

For those who aren't morning people, coffee is an essential part of the day.

Since 2004, Heavenly Grind Coffee Shop has offered a morning jolt to Shawnee. Current owner, Greta Madson, took over the business in 2015.

“The original owners were looking to get out of the business and the opportunity presented itself to purchase the coffee shop,” Madson said. “Originally, my intent was to use it as a platform to advertise my other businesses. I thought at the very least I could hand out fliers.”

After getting into the coffee business her mindset has changed, she said.

“I have become a coffee nerd and love to experiment with new drinks,” Madson said. “I like to refer to myself as the caffeine mixologist.”

Madson, a Shawnee native, recognized an opportunity to keep a local business going. With her business savvy, she was able to make the store more profitable and get a return on her investment.

“I'm from Shawnee and wanted to keep a business I frequented open,” Madson said. “I tried to duplicate it at home for years, and I realized I needed to buy the shop. I knew some things could be changed and make it better. I saw a lot off opportunity here and I ran with it.”

Since acquiring the business, Madson has changed the menu to fit what the customers are interested in.

“We've changed the menu to fit the market,” she said. “We aren't just a coffee shop. We have smoothies, tea and baked goods.”

Heavenly Grind continues to add items to their evolving menu. Some of the new featured items include the customer favorite frozen hot chocolate.

Other items include blueberry lavender lemonade tea, homemade biscotti, chai tea and seasonal drinks such as pistachio white chocolate for the summer months.

For fall, Heavenly Grind added several pumpkin themed drinks and baked goods.

“The biggest challenge is to get people to step outside the box and try different things,” Madson said.

Madson is thankful for the regulars that frequent almost daily.

“Our regulars are what keeps us afloat,” Madson said. “We am very thankful for everyone's patronage. Several customers have their specific order.”

One new feature to Heavenly Grind is they now have the ability to deliver to businesses with a three drink minimum order.

Madson is also the owner of Incredible Inflatables and Pic Stories in Shawnee.