Shane D. Jett, executive director at Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation, was chosen to serve as a member of President Donald Trump’s Community Development Advisory Board. Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation provides financial products and counseling services to CPN members and employees nationwide as well as Native American owned-businesses throughout Oklahoma.

Under Jett’s leadership, CPCDC has transformed into the country’s largest tribally owned community development financial institution. In 2016, his team brought $47 million in new money to CPCDC, more than all the combined funds raised since the organization’s inception in 2003.

Shane is also a lieutenant in the U.S. naval reserve and a former legislator at the Oklahoma House of Representatives, where he represented southern Pottawatomie County’s House District 27 from 2004-2010. He has three daughters with his wife Ana.

These individuals will serve as members of the Community Development Advisory Board for a term of four years:

• Shane Jett of Oklahoma, Native American tribal representative

• Cara Dingus Brook of Ohio, expert in community development

• Robert Roy Jones III of Alabama, insured depository institutions representative

• Judy J. Chapa of Texas, officer of a national consumer or public institution organization

• Faith Bautista of California, officer of national consumer or public institution organization