Greetings. If you noticed, those greetings didn’t go out with an exclamation point, to express enthusiasm for the day.

Greetings. If you noticed, those greetings didn’t go out with an exclamation point, to express enthusiasm for the day. Well, let me tell you, those greetings are going out slow and easy this week. My body has been through the mill the past seven days. Goodness, with a body as old as mine, all those tests and injections, will soon have my body to where every time I drink a glass of water or a cup of coffee, they will just seep through the injection holes left in my body!

Well, you see, my body is as old as my years, and those “shots,” can make senior citizens act and feel just like our grandchildren when they get their booster shots! But, I can state that injections one receives in either the arm or thigh/hip, are minor compared to the ones injected into the retina of the eyes!

I think, in my lifetime, I have received injections in just about every available spot on my body, especially since I have had a total of 15 various surgeries. But, let me tell you, even though the numbing drops are inserted directly into my eyeball area, there is still pain, even hours later. I’ll just say that it’s hard to describe, especially if you are trying to compare a flu injection to receiving an injection directly into the retina! But, thankfully, that’s the procedure that is needed when the retina is bleeding.

Well, let’s go to more pleasant items, such as thinking about the large community Thanksgiving dinner which will be served by Salvation Army. I recall that the Salvation Army Auxiliary can always use help in rolling the plastic ware, and numerous other activities involved with the event. Also, if some of you are finding you have some extra hours available and you are yearning to fill them, well, goodness gracious, call or go by the Salvation Army office and check to see the various activities that are available for volunteers.

I want to share how proud I am to be a citizen of the fine city of Shawnee. Since moving here with my beloved husband, Elbert Eugene “Gene” Pickens, in 2005, I have seen so many improvements to our fine city. I wrote numerous letters to the editor of The Shawnee News-Star during the first years of my new hometown.

At that time, there was a large building across the street from where my late husband’s families had lived since early 1900s, here at 201 S. Philadelphia Street. He shared how he had seen in the late ’30s and ’40s, maybe 100 trains pass through Shawnee, during a 24-hour period. He told how the trains even vibrated their property, since they lived within the block near the tracks.

We would sit on the front porch and see the mill looked dirty; the vacant lot in front of our home had a large building almost in front of our home, where Gene told of new cars being stored in it, during World War II. When I asked why, he said because of WWII and there was a big shortage of metal, as the government had everyone piling up any metal that they didn’t need or want, to pile it at the street, so it could be picked up and sent to military installations, where ammunition could be made.

Anyhow, the old building across the street looked as if it was going to fall down, with loose sheets of metal roofing being whipped in the wind. Since I was out in the yard, daily, planting flowers, as there wasn’t any flowers or shrubbery here at that time; therefore, I was afraid that the sheets of tin would blow over in those strong March winds and could cut me in half!

So, I started writing letters to the editor of The Shawnee News-Star, and kept on and on, until the old building was torn down and the one remaining buildings in that area were repaired and the Indians keep the area neatly mowed. The mill was soon painted and looks so pretty, even at night, with the light on the beautiful American flag flowing gently back and forth in the breeze.

Now, I love to sit on the front porch in the mornings and also evenings, and enjoy the beautiful sight, just as I enjoy the beautification projects on Main Street and all over town, making Shawnee a great hometown!

Have a fantastic week, enjoying this beautiful fall weather, as the icy breezes will soon be whipping over the plains and Oklahoma hills. Also, be preparing sacks of food for the annual food drive for the needy and be reminding your families of what we have to be “thankful for, especially our families.”

Matthew 14:16 - “But Jesus said unto them, They need not depart; give ye them to eat.”