I’m guessing that no one is doubting that we are really in the middle of winter by now and for all those brave souls who decided to come out anyway and enjoy the music and check out the goings on at the Municipal Auditorium we (meaning the center’s staff) say “Thank you!”

I’m guessing that no one is doubting that we are really in the middle of winter by now and for all those brave souls who decided to come out anyway and enjoy the music and check out the goings on at the Municipal Auditorium we (meaning the center’s staff) say “Thank you!”

Now once again you need to realize that I am writing this before the “Blue Jeans Ball” and the debut of the new website and Facebook page, so I am strictly going by what the people in the know (I’m talking about the people who read the wind chills, cloud formations, tarot cards or whatever else they read to determine the weather) and they all said it was gonna be really cold…. Hopefully, they lied and it was a great night for a dance. But again, for all of you who braved the weather, thank you!

I believe the second column I penned for Senior Center Happenings newspaper entry was about a “typical Tuesday at the center.” Somebody mentioned the other day that talking about Tuesdays was really unfair to the other four days the center is open so, after a not too long contemplation on that, I decided they were right … so hang on now cause Wednesday is now the topic for discussion.

Wednesdays are a more open day at the center. By that I mean there are not as many actual structured events for seniors. Since we have fitness classes each day (a fact that has been mentioned in this column before) the class for the day at 8:30 to 9:30 in the morning on Wednesdays is the “Enhance Fitness” class. I have to say that it is a little more vigorous than the Tai Chi classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Beth Perry is a certified Enhance Fitness instructor who (at 70-plus) continually upgrades her skills by taking classes on changes to the program whenever they are available. New participants are always welcome. The class consists of cardiovascular exercises, which help to increase your heart health, and light weight exercises for bone building, which helps to prevent the thinning of your weight bearing bones. Beth and Sharon Autrey, also an Enhance Fitness instructor, who handles some of the evening “Enhance Fitness” classes given from 4 to 5 p.m., encourage everyone to proceed at their own pace. So come visit class and see for yourself how people from 50 to 86 handle the rigors of “Enhance Fitness.” And remember, fitness classes at the center are always free for all 50 and better.

Now for those who are not fitness ready, there is always a group in the craft room closest to the front door that specializes in helping people who want to learn or update their skills in the quilting area. The room is always manned from 9 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon by members of the Senior Quilters. These folks can answer questions on all levels of quilting from beginning to finishing for someone who is interested in quilting, or who needs advice on how to start or finish one, or who just wants information. You do not need to be a member of the quilt guild, you just need to come and talk to the people who know all about the art of quilting. They have blocks of material for you to practice on that are available at no charge. This group is there to help any and all who are interested in quilting so drop in and take advantage of their time and expertise and maybe find a friend and learn a skill — again at no cost to you.

Lunch at the center is served from noon until 12:30 every day for the minimal price of $2.

Now, since we are talking about Wednesday, I am going to describe the lunch for this coming Wednesday, Jan. 17. It starts with a tuna bake (which for my information, since I am not a cook, was described as a tuna casserole). There will be a raw veggies salad (which includes chopped cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, red cabbage, carrots and lettuce). And to cap it all off there will be one of the center’s favorite desserts, a fruit cobbler (that’s my favorite thing but then I am a dessert junkie).

Now right after lunch there are card games in Craft Room 2 and that lasts right up to almost 5 p.m. Ellie MacDonald is the head of the posse that gathers each Wednesday to play a multitude of card games in the room. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Their main card game is Canasta, but you might also find them playing other card games like (and I am being serious now): Hand & Foot, Social Security, Spades, Hearts and Golf. Who knew?

And, of course, we cannot overlook the guys in the pool room (again no water involved) who not only play pool each day but those other quieter gentlemen who play Dominoes. Now, I don’t know this from personal experience, but I have been told that there are several pool sharks up there so if you decide to join them, no playing for money. New domino players are always welcome so if that’s your preference, come on down to the center and find your way up to the pool room.

And remember that Kate Joyce will be joining “Mike in the Morning” on Wednesday, Jan. 17 at 8:35 a.m. on KGFF radio (FM 100.9 or AM 1450) with more of the activities at the Shawnee Senior Center.

And remember that at the Shawnee Senior Center, “age is just a number,” the new revised Facebook page is worth your checking it out at “Shawnee Senior Center.” The website is www.SHAWNEESENIORS.org and, if you came to the dance, you need to check it out and see if you’re in any of the pictures they took last Saturday.

See you at the center!