SHAWNEE- During the 2016 volleyball season, 10 members of the Lady Cavaliers volleyball team had impressive seasons that landed them in the SGU Volleyball Record Book.

The 10 St. Gregory's University student-athletes are Ashlyn Broussard, Kayley Davis, Gabby Ware, Sarah Ahrens, Courtney Murphy, Cierra Mullins, Natasha Rodriguez, Shannon Howard, Kayrin Wells, and Bianca Olivares. 

Broussard, Ware, Davis, Rodriguez, Ahrens, Murhpy and Mullins were each added for single season games played. The seven girls were also put into the record book for single season matches along with Wells. 

Broussard took over the top spot for kills in a season with 429, kills per game (3.02) and third in career kills with 669. She also topped single season attempts (1336), aces in a season (46) and career (92), single season points (479.5), season points per game (3.95) and career points per game (3.81).

Ware ranked third in single season kills (288), aces (37) and attempts in a season (1022). Davis took over as leader in digs in a season with 652, digs per game in a season (5.22) and career digs per game (5.22) and is now fourth in career digs with 652. 

Ahrens now ranks second in single season assists with 724 and third career with the same numbers. Murphy took second in season solo blocks with 48 and third in her career with 71 but topped total blocks for a career and single season thanks to 109 block assists this year to put her at the top of that list as well. 

Mullins entered second in career kills (728), second in career attempts (2669), second in career points (894.5) and third in career aces (68).