At 11 a.m. Saturday, May 10, the first gathering of the Peaceful Abiding Meditation Group will take place in the St. Augustine Room of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Shawnee. Emmanuel Episcopal is at 501 N. Broadway.
The group will meet each Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The focus will be on basic breathing meditation, known as Peaceful Abiding. The practice of walking meditation and Loving Kindness meditation also will be a regular part of the group’s activities. Periodically, the group will focus on the study of meditation related to forgiveness, compassion and generosity, and will explore ways to take meditation “off the cushion” and carry it into daily life.
Jeff Green, a member of the Buddhist community in Oklahoma City and an experienced meditation instructor, will facilitate the group. “The formation of the group came about from discussion among various members of the Interfaith Community,” Green said. “The Shawnee meditation group is open to members of all faiths, non-believers, experienced meditation students and newcomers. Just wear comfortable clothes and come as you are.”
Green said meditation is an important part of a person’s quality of life. “Meditation is a very easy and comfortable mind-altering exercise,” he said. “It can easily become something that one looks forward to at the end of a long and tiring day. Meditating allows you to clear away stress and tension. By forming this group, we hope to give folks an opportunity to learn this practice and improve the quality of their lives.”
Green took vows and precepts as a Zen Buddhist in May 2005 after many years of study. He is a volunteer with the Prison Dharma Network, where he works with incarcerated persons across the country and conducts meditation workshops inside prisons. He is an active member of the Interfaith Community in Oklahoma City.