Real estate transactions for Pottawatomie County from March 25 to April 2:

Real estate transactions for Pottawatomie County from March 25 to April 2:
Joseph E. Taron Sr., trust, and Mary Louise Taron Revocable Trust to Tyson and Tiffany Wright, legal description: lots 7 and 8, blk. 5, Smoking Oaks. $90,000.
Michael Ray Long to Marla R. Mosley, Harry L. Gates, Holly B. Massie, Jana R. Tabor and Sherri L Croak, legal description: lot 5, blk. 4, North Park. $137,900.
Ray E. and Verna P. Wren to Tyler J. Waldrup, legal description: lots 3 and 5, blk. 47, Beverly Hills. $78,200.
Anna R. Derebery andAnna R. and Otis Lee Livingston to  Charles A. and Catrinna L. Smith, legal description: lot 8, blk. 2, Brangus Ridge. $135,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Larry and Brandy Perry, legal description: sec. 14, twsp. 11N, range 2E. $88,900.
Greg Brown Homes LLC to Fred Rutherford Trust and Karen Rutherford Trust, legal description: lot 18, blk. 7, Woodlands. $315,000.
Fred Rutherford Trust and Karen Rutherford Trust to Greg Brown Homes LLC, legal description: lot 8, blk 3, Windmill Ridge. $205,000.
Kimberly Kay Watkins to Linda Miller, legal description: lots 17 and 19, blk. 1, Armourdale. $75,000.
Highlands LLC to Danny B. Overland Trust, legal description: lot 22, blk. 2, The Bridges. $293,000.
Peggy S. and Danny J. Holder to Gary W. and Chele D. Carr, legal description: lot 4, blk. 1, North Creek Manor. $67,000.
Oak Grove Farms LLC to Mary E. and Albert L. Crain Jr., legal description: sec. 2, twsp. 10N, range 4E. $31,000.
Dandy Homes Inc. to Jeannine Hailey, legal description: lot 7, blk. 3, Pott Hills. $44,000.
Tyler Hoherz to Mardy Ray and Marcie S. and Mardy Ray Bliss, legal description: sec. 8, twsp. 9N, range 2E. $32,000.
Patricia K. Hoffman to Chris Eugene Neikes, legal description: lot 56, Old Plantation. $42,500.
Georgie G. and Ann E. Hamilton to Eric H. Hamilton, legal description: sec. 4, twsp. 7N, range 2E. $80,000.
Federal National Mortgage Association to Tully Lane Stoughton Jr., Tully  Stoughton Sr. and Mary Stoughton, legal description: lots 23 and 24, blk. 10, Richard & Mary 10. $38,500.
Ben and Elaina Glover to Duane L. and Shauna Benfield, legal description: sec. 25, twsp. 10N, range 2E. $149,900.
Leonard Junior and Fredia Mae Wood to Paul and Robyn Storey, legal description: lots 1 and 2, blk. 3, Pickfair. $43,000.
Harvey G. and Lana Day to Keith and Deena Strickland, legal description: sec. 28, twsp. 8N, range 5E. $100,000.
James F. and Jamie Kelly to Alex J. and Jaime L. Murray and Thomas and Donna Snodgrass, legal description: lot 20, blk. 2, Romberg 13. $98,000.
Lawrence Thomas and Marilyn Cahill to Patricia J. Smith 2002 Revocable Trust Agreement, legal description: lot 8, Briarwood Estates. $189,400.
Betty Snider to Donald G. and Kay Henderson, legal description: ot 13, blk. 2, Snider Heights. $148,500.
Kenneth D. and Phyllis Wright to Wesley James and Alyssa Rae Wright, legal description: sec. 15, twsp. 11N, range 5E. $65,000.
The Primax Group Inc. to James B. Fincher, legal description: lots 35 and 36, blk. 19, Vermillion Heights. $86,000.
Robert Frank and Janice Lempges to James E. and Laqueda Steward, legal description: sec. 18, twsp. 11N, range 3E. $69,300.
Delbert R. and Roberta L. Duy and Roberta Hogan to Clarence and and Wilma Jean Hunter, legal description: lot 12, blk. 10, Penns. $80,000.
Elizabeth Knoles, Elizabeth Bordine and Elizabeth Green to Julie and Ronald Thompson, legal description: lot 6, blk. 11, Hillcrest. $25,000.
Michael and Jamie Moucka to Christina M. McIntyre, legal description: lot 6, Bethel Green. $150,000.
Ronald L. and Anita Gibbs to Paul M. and Elizabeth A. Wagner, legal description: lots 11 and 12, Tecumseh. $27,000.
Jeffery M. and Tina Lawerance to Dovie Lucy, legal description: lots 27 and 28, blk. 23, Rose Garden. $79,500.
HSBC Bank USA and Ace Securities Corporation Home Equity Loan to Larry E. and Janelle K. Wilson, legal description: lots 4 and 6, blk. 18, Wittakers. $71,260.
Alisa Carey to Vivesa Mansell, legal description: sec. 6, twsp. 8N, range 4E. $5,000.
Tony Estep to Craig Ingram, legal description: sec. 8, twsp. 6N, range 4E. $45,000.
Paul M. Milburn Trust to Vernon W. and Martha S. Stewart, legal description: lot 35, Eagle Downs. $9,700.
Lawrence Robert Stasyszen, preparer, Bill Edward Stasyszen, deceased, and William Edward Stasyszen, deceased, to Mark A. and Jody K. Smith, legal description: sec. 9N, twsp. 9N, range 3E. $123,500.
Pete Louise Bonicelli Sr. Revocable Trust to Christopher and Cyndy Daniel, legal description: lot 3, blk. 27, Larkins Meadow. $95,200.
Bryant Builders Inc. to Donald Leon and Rebecca Lynn Oconner, legal description: lot 3, blk. 5, Woodsong 2. $247,000.
Native American Housing Services Inc. to Sheila Laughlin, legal description: lot 4, blk. 3, Timbers Addition. $122,987.
William B. Townsend, personal representative, and Robert S. Townsend Jr., deceased, to Mark W. and Catherine H. Sehorn, legal description: sec. 8, twsp. 10N, range 4E. $430,000.