To the Editor: 

“WOW” is the only word to use about the summer festival” in Woodland Veterans Park Saturday.

To the Editor: 
“WOW” is the only word to use about the summer festival” in Woodland Veterans Park Saturday. Three great church congregations joined with Shawnee Rescue Mission volunteers for a fun day. The day was long, but the shade trees helped as we hung clothes, cooked food and unloaded boxes.  We also picked up a lot of “new” volunteers as people came to check out the free things — and then stayed all day long, helping set up items for the giveaway. It was truly a “coming together” for Shawnee and surrounding towns.

Many clothes were given away, 1,500 hot dogs and hamburgers disappeared as everyone had lunch and the line was very, very long as people grabbed empty boxes to collect the items that Feed the Children supplied for Shawnee citizens. The items received this time were things that most every family could use, including computers, paper, phones, bleach, toilet paper, digital cameras, backpacks, candles, picture frames and corn chips. Hygiene items and canned goods were donated by the churches.

The sermon was timely and several people received Christ as their personal savior. The bands were loud and filled with praises to our Lord. Kids had fun on the inflatables, got their faces painted, ate their snowcones and made use of the park swings. 
The next outreach is temporarily planned for September/October. We welcome any churches and/or volunteers to help. Call Melissa at 831-6904 if you would be interested in coming on board as we continue to work together to help the less fortunate in Shawnee and surrounding areas.

One last thought, don’t forget to come to the Phil Stacey Benefit Concert that will be held at Raley Chapel July 6.  Doors open at 5 for the 6 p.m. concert.  Donations will be accepted and given to Family Promise and Shawnee Rescue Mission. Hope to see you all there.

Pat Southerland

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To the Editor:
Recently a letter seemed to indicate that regardless of our actions the environment would be stable until God deemed otherwise. The writer appears to have ignored God’s law of reaping what one sows in favor of a political agenda. If one smokes five packs of cigarettes a day and either he or his family develop lung cancer, would that be the will of God?

Perhaps to some, but I do not believe so. If we dump sewage or pesticides into our rivers and oceans, is it God’s fault they become toxic? Global warming could be natural, manmade or nonexistent, but don’t expect God to justify our own irresponsibility.

According to scriptures, God has concern over the fall of a sparrow (Matthew 10:29) and punishes irresponsible servants with separation, so perhaps we should stop using him to push our own political ideas. Sometimes we tend to emphasize the letter of the law and forget the natural law which Jesus so effectively used to educate us concerning the nature of God. Of course, if any choose to test God’s natural laws perhaps standing at the edge of a cliff and taking one more step will be a fast, effective lesson on God’s natural law of gravity. Hopefully, you will simply take my word for it.

Let’s be good stewards of our planet and live safe, clean, peaceful lives in harmony with the greatest miracle of all, creation.

Ron Nicely

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To The Editor:
According to The One Free Korea, Kim Jong Il is throwing his support behind Hussein Barak Obama. He joins our favorite group of dictators and terrorists: Castro, Gaddafi and Hamas, who now support his candidacy. Is there something they know that we do not? This has never happened before in the history of politics in our country.

Question: Why do these dictators and terrorists wish for an Obama presidency? The answer in the words of Michelle Malkin: “Duh! It’s the same reason why high school students want that pushover substitute teacher during exam week.” Can you imagine Hitler or Stalin endorsing a president?

Rickey Dale Crain