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District Court

• Andrew Dewayne Cleveland, 19, Tecumseh, was charged in Pottawatomie County District Court with knowingly concealing stolen property and unlawful possession of controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute.
• Jay Ann McCoy, 53, 20 W. Burns, was charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving injury.
• Daniel Allen Kelly, 42, Del City, was charged with burglary, second degree.
• Thomas Kevin Powell, 41, 1902 E. 11th, was charged with three counts of lewd molestation.
• Michael Bennett, 33, Maud, was charged with larceny of CDS.
• Joey C. Breaux, 22, Tecumseh, was charged with knowingly concealing stolen property.
• Lillian Annette Nanaeto, 42, 212 E. Highland, No. 4, was charged with driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, aggravated.
•Alexander James Emery, 20, 25 Jackie Lane, was charged with possession of controlled substance.
• Kent Randall Shields, 42, Norman, was charged with driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.
• Marcus Wayne Lockner, 18, 537 N. Aydelotte, was charged with burglary, second degree and knowingly concealing stolen property.
• Scott Lester Bachhofer, 32, Harrah, was charged with actual physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated, domestic abuse assault and battery and interference with an emergency phone call.
• Benjamin Blake Haggard, 21, 4202 N. Chapman, was charged with unlawful possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute.
• Gary Lee Kueneman Jr., 42, Oklahoma City, was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.
• Dave Logan Hargus, 47, Romulus, was charged with driving a motor vehicle while under the influence, aggravated.
• Jennifer L. Wyrick, 32, 8001 N. Acme, No. 118, was charged with embezzlement.
• Rayford Larry Scott Jr., 40, 19004 Rangeline Road, was charged with possession of controlled substance.
• Crystal Faith Johnson, 21, 518 N. Kimberly, was charged with falsely personating another to create liability.
• Paul Kurtis Hill, 18, 20 Red Rock Road, was charged with burglary, second degree.
• Crystal Louise Walker, 31, 1103 N. Minnesota, was charged with possession of stolen vehicle.
• Cameron Allen Watson, 19, 111 W. Midland, was charged with burglary, second degree.
• Casey Lee Whitt, 18, 2105 N. Beard, was charged with burglary, second degree.
• Jack Carl Robbins, 19, 525 W. Wallace, was charged with burglary, second degree.

Sheriff Reports
• Burglaries: 29862 Old Highway 18, Tecumseh; Route 2, Earlsboro; 16712 Valley View Road, Shawnee; South of Beau Lane on Luke Lane; west of  U.S. 177 on Romulus Road; 25269 Rainbow Lane, Tecumseh; 37617 45th Street, Shawnee; 10203 Kings Road; One-fourth mile east of NS 348 on EW 122, then south; one mile west of NS 348 on EW 130.
• Theft of property: 35104 Clearpond; EW 136 and Old Highway 18; 46107 Garrett’s Lake Road; 108 Renee Place, Shawnee; 44110 Hardesty Road, Shawnee; 49306 E. Independence, Shawnee; 21709 Coker Road, Tecumseh; 38602 Lake Road, Shawnee; 36760 Jude and Jody Road, Macomb; 5503 Gemini, Shawnee; 32671 Belmont, McLoud; 39106 Wolverine Road; 45204 Hazel Dell; 14 Fawn Lane, McLoud; 3300 S. County Line Road; 23246 Skaggs City Road, Tecumseh; 28472 Highway 102, Macomb; 109 W. Larry Road, Shawnee.
• Theft from vehicle: 5 Clark Circle.

Police Reports
• Larceny/recovery of vehicle: Larceny of 1996 Dodge pickup from 508 E. Wallace. Shawnee police officers located the vehicle and tried to make a traffic stop. Two occupants fled from the vehicle in the 1220 block of Sherry Lane and police apprehended one, then located a second arrestees in the case.
• Residential burglaries/larcenies: 1126 E. Ninth, 544 N. Ione, 931 N. Union, Apt. C; 822 W. Seventh; 1810 N. Harrison, No. H-233; 906 N. Park, 323 S. Park, 3420 N. Market, 1901 W. MacArthur, No. 807; 1301 N. Union; 1709 W. MacArthur, 508 N. Chapman; 14 Cheyenne, 1113 N. Minnesota; 636 N. Bell; 518 E. Oakland; 128 N. Pesotum; 18 Apache, 1026 N. Hobson; 712 W. Benedict; 404 N. Philadelphia; 1 E. St. Louis; 2021 N. Ione; 601 N. Beard, 202 N. Roosevelt; 1107 N. Philadelphia.
• Larceny from house: 1215 E. Margaret.
• Larceny from vehicle: Beard and Farrall, 5402 Enterprise Court, 903 N. McKinley; 1810 N. Harrison, H-233; 424 S. Kickapoo; 609 N. Oklahoma.
• Attempted burglary: 215 S. Osage.
• Vehicle vandalism: 637 N. Market; Leo and MacArthur.
• Residential vandalism: 13 Mohican Circle; 1306 N. Union.
• Theft of yard items: 811 W. Midland.
• Theft from vehicle/vehicle burglaries: 623 W. Kickapoo Spur, 2223 N. Pottenger, 1411 Sherry Lane, 307 S. Osage.
• Possession of firearm after felony conviction: 417 W. Pulaski; 4440 block of North Kickapoo.
• Business vandalism: 1533 N. Harrison; 2230 E. Highland.
• Larceny of motorcycle: 1011 W. Benedict.
• Dumping of garbage: 1333 E. Edwards.
• Larceny of tag: 200 E. Ninth.
• Business burglaries: 300 N. Louisa, Heavenly Grind, 1936 N. Kickapoo. Police arrested a suspect during a burglary in progress.
• Larceny: 201 S. Tenbrook.
• Vandalism to storage building: 300 N. Louisa.
• Assault/Battery: Occupants at an apartment, 130 E. 45th, Apt. 6E, were assaulted by two men when answering the front door. The case is under investigation.
• Grand larceny from storage building: 1900 W. MacArthur.
• Robbery by force/fear: A woman reported her brother punched her and robbed her of money at 906 N. Park.
• Warehouse burglary: West Jonco Road.
Marriage licenses
since June 10
• Franklin Dean Young Sr. and Edith J. McCarley, both of Tecumseh.
• Robert Paul Jenson and Mary Cassandra Diven, both of Shawnee.
• Zachary Elias King and Kristine Raschel Messenger, both of Shawnee.
• Jerry Douglas Sudderth, McLoud, and Patricia Ann Fish, Harrah.
• Bradley Ray Swearingen and Ruth Ann Leathers, both of Wellston.
• Harold Wayne Beavers, Shawnee, and Karla Renea Griffith, Yukon.
• Stephen Michael Shahan, Shawnee, and Katherine Elizabeth Kamper, Huntsville, Texas.
• Justin Brian Jack, Shawnee, and Christina Nicole Malier, McLoud.
• Christopher Ryan Jolley and Jessica Lee Bottoms, both of Shawnee.
• Ronald Douglas Merritt, Tecumseh, and Paulba Gress Moreno, Shawnee.
• Chason Demas Holmes and Lindsay Brooke Jackson, both of Shawnee.
• Cory Douglas Bricker, Shawnee, and Amber Nicole Tippit, Harrah.
• Ronald Joseph Fox Jr., McLoud, and Jassmen Marie Velvete Garcia, McLoud.
• Thomas Edgar Gregory and Abra Lea Collins, both of Prague.
• Edmond Dan Haztfeld Jr. and Alishia Celeste Brinton, both of Shawnee.
• David James Walker and Francina Joe Laver, both of Shawnee.
• Michael Lee Herrera and Natalie Marie Meade, both of Shawnee.
• Donny Allen Vickery and Brenda Sue Chittum, both of Tecumseh.
• Adam Doren Forgety, Seminole, and Khylee Nicole Rankin, Shawnee.
• Gary Lee Jones and Janett Lee Gilpatrick, both of Tecumseh.
• Joshua Hunter Jenkins and Whitney Faye Walker, both of Shawnee.
• Jerry Don Holman, Shawnee, and Tiffany Gail Burghart, Harrah.
• Robert Wayne Mackey III, Tecumseh, and Mary Jaylene Martin, Oklahoma City.
•Stephen Joseph B. McAllister, Dale, and Sarah Elizabeth Turner, Shawnee.
• Jamil Ehtisham and Alison Lesley Gibbs, both of Shawnee.
• Justin Loyd Thompson, McLoud, and Kasey Nicole Douglas, Maud.
• Christopher Paul Porter and Laura Caroline Rominger, both of South Bend, Ind.
• Harold Ray Booth and Deborah Cheryl Love, both of Norman.
• Perry Don Eugene Alexander and Lenae Michelle Mullendore, both of Shawnee.
• Nathanial Aaron McKay and Liza Dela Pena Arceta, both of Shawnee.
• Cory James Hays, Tecumseh, and Jessica Louise Cross, Cleveland.
• Ryan Lee Ashford,  Newalla, and April Dawn McGlathery, Harrah.
• Byron Keith Talton and LaShawna Kay Talton, both of Tecumseh.
• Bradley Allen Watson, Oklahoma City, and Mirela Rocha Azevedo, Shawnee.
• Jeremy Wayne Elliott, Seminole and Ember Lida Fletcher, Prague.
• Joshua Robert Hatley, Tecumseh, and Rachel Wai-Sum Mui, Shawnee.
• Benjamin Kent Edwards and Danielle Lorene Jordan, both of Shawnee.
• Thomas Dale Hibben and Samantha Joe Henry, both of Shawnee.
• Jordan Christopher Hill and Taren Elizabeth Speaker, both of Shawnee.
• Kevin Ray Harjo and Jacqueline Renee Ramirez, both of Shawnee.
• Kerry Waldon Roberts and Jeanann Lynn Rohrick, both of Shawnee.
• Charles Marshall II and Rachel Marie Stanley, both of Shawnee.
• Shane W. Gibbons and Stephanie Marie Ware, both of Newalla.
• Robert Earl Davis and Melissa Ann Downey, both of Shawnee.
• Jarrod Ryan Murray and Jenae Rachelle Bennett, both of McLoud.