When the road ahead seems clouded and obscure.
When life’s troubles seem too much to endure.
These are the times that our faith is being tried.
Even Jesus looked to the heavens and cried.

These earthly trials we must accept as God’s will.
When we finally meet him, his promises he will fulfill.
In time we must leave this imperfect earthly existence.
Then we will hear our father calling in the distance.

Come home my faithful one he will gently say.
I have prepared a place for you on this special day.
Come sit at my table and enjoy your heavenly home.
The surface of this earth you will no longer roam.

Gone and forgotten will be these earthly travails.
No longer will we be burdened by this body as it fails.
With the heavenly host we will forever dwell.
We will receive a new body, forever well.
— By Cecil D. Bergsten, 2008