Once you were plain peculiar, popular, petrified
— now Gods pleasing ones
Psalms 8:30: As for God his way is perfect.
Psalms 14:11: The fool said in his heart there is no God.
Isaiah 35:8: The way is so plain though a wayfaring man
a fool should not err therein.

We also left our teen-years playing,
“Pleased or displeased.”
So God finally got us all out of world’s playpen
Thank God all born-again ones are all worldly released.

Thank God for all older Christians teaching us the way.
Willful waste makes for woeful want,
“Here and life to come.”
Part of my start on my illustrious 96 cents an hour
railroad pay
None of you really want to leave this life “A lost bum.”

Ezra 8:21 says to all, “to seek of him (God) a right way.”
Psalms 37:5: Commit thy way unto the lord.
There is no substitute, “only Jesus your life’s defray.”
Psalms 25:9-10: The meek, “Godly bold.”
So none of his taught are bored.

Psalms 27:13: I, “equals all of us,”
“had fainted unless we had believed.”
Psalms 31:4: The lord is right,
all his works are done in truth
The above statements, “equals our Christ’s Rolaids
lasting relief.”
The word above Jesus’ word, “better tasting than
a ten-cent Baby Ruth.”
— By Jack Clark