Oh, heaven is going to be a great place of real beauty,
surely if our eyes are able to take everything in
my when we shall see our blessed saviour, Christ Jesus
this precious one who suffered and died for all our sin.
Oh, heaven is only prepared, for all the children of God
then really any old place would certainly never do
my for Christ Jesus paid our ransom upon old Golgotha’s Hill
and you can rely upon God for his precious word is true.
Oh, heaven shall be a great city of much beauty I know,
where all the streets of it are paved with pure solid gold
my it is certain no sin shall ever enter that lovely city
where the sacred story of our saviour will never grow old.
Oh, God invites us all to drink from his great fountain of life
from a great flowing river which shall never ever run dry
my with the precious saviour at the threshold patiently waiting
then pleads with all of us to join him in heaven up on high.
Oh, God’s children will rejoice with the dear saviour forever
truly with no remembrance of any of our sins in the past
my then all of God’s children, shall be happy with the saviour
where surely we will have reached our destination at last.
— By Leona Tiller