My little sweetheart,
what will I do,
when you’re too big,
to ride on my shoe?

My little sweetheart,
what will I do,
when your laughs
and giggles,
are way too few?

When you no longer,
climb on my lap,
go through my pockets,
and try on my cap,

hunt me and follow,
where ever I go,
ask me questions,
the answers I don’t know,

ask me for Band aids,
for all your boo boos,
know I’ll forgive,
the mud on your shoes,

laugh when I tickle,
fret when I don’t,
play with my tractors,
and whatever you want.

I want you to know,
when you’re too big
for these,
oh, please little
get on your knees,

and ask our dear father,
to grant you these,
love, kindness, and mercy,
and PaPaw will
be pleased.

Now without a question
I know what I’ll do
I’ll sit in my rocker
and dream about you
— By Jim Cresap