Why do people want Barack Obama to be president of our nation? He would be in charge of the military, FBI, CIA, etc.

Why do people want Barack Obama to be president of our nation? He would be in charge of the military, FBI, CIA, etc.
The slow destruction of our military would be certain. Our current forces contain many who practice Islam. At last count it was 13 percent.
My son Carl just retired from the Marines after 20 years. He is a three-time combat veteran, and received a purple heart. There are many like him who have given much to the freedom of our country. Some gave all.
The court system would be stacked with his radical appointments that would forever change our nation. Consider this: Barack Obama does not have one single patriotic, God-fearing American in his background of associates. We are at war with terrorists. Do we defeat them or surrender? The terrorists boast that they will fly their flag over Washington D.C. in the year 2010.
For those who just can’t wait for Barack Hussein Obama and his change to socialism, check out some who support him. Hugo Chavez, Bill and Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, William Ayers, Harry Reid, Fidel Castro, Jesse Jackson, Hollywood, Jeremiah Wright, Allah, Putin, ACORN, Kadfi, Achmedinejahd, the ACLU, Louis Farrakhan.
In regards to Joe Hall, I perceive that he is not related to Howard Hall. To examine his political ideologies, one may conclude that he is more in line with Gus Hall. Gus was an avid communist and head of the Communist Party of the USA. He ran four times for the office of president of the US. He ran in 1972, 76, 80 and 86. He was a union and racial activist until his death in 1999. He left many disciples to carry on.
Communists work to turn a nation to socialism. Once locked inside the tunnel of socialism, there is no going back. The door at the end of the tunnel, when opened, leads to godless communism. Obama would lead congress to nationalize our industries. The banking industry is well on its way. Then comes oil, healthcare, housing, auto, etc.
Israel would be forgotten, and America would follow. You can understand what I mean by reading the KJ Bible, Genesis 12:1-3. Thank God for a good nation that our children and grand-children will never know, (see Psalms 9:17) God save America.

Claude Chambers,