If Barack Hussein Obama wins this election, one thing is certain, he will preside over the largest expansion the government in our economy since the 1930s. Obama’s “New Deal” as some Democrats are already calling it, will have the same result as the original one: to turn a sharp, painful recession into a long Depression.
I am at loss to understand why people who claim to be patriotic, are supporting, a socialist and one who has communist ideas on how our government should be run. Perhaps one of you liberals can tell me why you would vote for such a person as this. Obama has said he believes in abortion, gun control, redistribution of property and wealth, tax hikes, government control of about everything he can get his hands on. He wants Supreme Court judges that do not follow the Constitution or rule of law, but those who have compassion on the minorities and other special groups of people?
It is beyond my comprehension as to why those of you who fought in WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War or any other war to combat marxists, socialists, communists or other totalitarian regimes would now vote for someone who plans on doing that to the USA. Please explain.
In 2001 he actually compared the USA to Nazi Germany. How pathetic is he and those who support him? His upbringing with a large number of evil compatriots he has associated with over the past 40 years have taught him well and he plans on instituting their desires when he takes office. Are liberals so mad at the conservatives for winning the Presidency most of the time for the past 40 years that they do not care whom they elect, as long as it is somebody?
Get ready for massive tax hikes, 25% slashing of military budgets, amnesty for 15 million illegals, special protection for gay marriages, universal health care, big time affirmative action (you better hope you are in the group getting it), and the list goes on. We will have the first trillion dollar deficit in the first 18 months of this Big spending government takeover. Good luck on those who survive.

Rickey Dale Crain