The Shawnee School District voted unanimously have a special election to fill a vacant seat for the Shawnee Board of Education. The district three seat has been vacant since Janice Spears resigned in March.

A special election must be called if the empty seat is not filled within 60 days. The election will take place August 28, 2012.

“I feel sorry for the citizens of Shawnee that we can’t get people to step up,” board member Larry Walker said.

To be eligible for candidacy a person must:

- Have resided in district three for at least six month preceding the filing

- Be a registered voter

- Have a high school diploma or equivalent

- Not be an employee or related to an employee of the school district

- Not be related to a member of the Board of Education

- Not be convicted of misdemeanor involving embezzlement or a felony

A person must file for candidacy during the filing period beginning at 8 a.m. June 18 and ending at 5 p.m. June 20. If only one person files for candidacy, they will take the district three seat and no election will take place.

If no one is elected for the vacant seat, the board has discussed reorganizing from seven to five members.

Also discussed at the meeting was an update on the curriculum mapping program. This program will unify curriculum across the district, based on grade and subject.

“There will be a sense of the same curriculum,” regardless of who is teaching it, Shawnee Superintendent Marc Moore said.

The curriculum will be officially adopted next year, with the trial run starting this year with science and social studies.

The Board of Education also voted unanimously to increase school lunches by $0.25 for students and adults. Elementary school lunches will now cost $2.00, middle school lunches will cost $2.25, and high school lunches will cost $3. Adult lunches at the elementary school will cost $2.75 and $3.50 at the high school.

Horace Mann and Shawnee Early Childhood Center are not included in this increase because they are Provision 2 sites and all meals are served free.

The meal prices were increased because the United States Department of Agriculture is now requiring school districts to increase the meals to more closely match the actually cost of preparation.