Many changes have been made - and a lot more fun and interaction is on the way.

We are excited and proud to launch a totally upgraded and fresh new look for your local news website.

You will notice some new features, including:

• Content better organized to fit your needs
• More up-to-date displays of photos and videos
• More headlines when and where you need them

Right at the top of the homepage you will find links to most of the content you will need to keep up with the latest news and deals.

Here are some highlights:

• At the top right is the weather, with current conditions. Click 'See full forecast' for more complete information.
• Classifieds, Shopping, Jobs and other advertisements are available just below the weather.
• The new "navigation" for all the local news sections offers the top stories in each section as you hover over each subject button. You can select a top story or click through to News, Sports or Business to access a wealth of content on that particular subject.

A new "More" button at the top offers direct links to features such as video and photo galleries. Look here in the coming weeks and months for even more options for information, and interaction.

We know our visitors are busy and have lots of options on the web, so we have strived in this redesign to provide the Top Stories of the day right in the center of the page. You will also find a listing of the most popular stories readily available, so you can scan the headlines to see if there is something you may have missed that your neighbors have found interesting.

You will find that some of our most popular features have been carried over in the new design, but with what we hope you will agree are better presentations and easier navigation. Among these features are photo galleries and video.

Please think of this new design as only the beginning. We will be adding more interaction and more and better ways for you to get your news and join the community conversation in the weeks and months ahead.

If you have any questions or concerns, please drop us a note at