Pottawatomie County has two more confirmed cases of West Nile virus.

Pottawatomie County has two more confirmed cases of West Nile virus.

Both cases resulted in hospitalizations. No deaths from West Nile virus have been confirmed in Pottawatomie County.

The cases put Pottawatomie County up to five confirmed cases.

Seminole County has had no more confirmed cases of West Nile virus. To date, there was one case, which resulted in death.

Lincoln County has had no confirmed reports of West Nile virus.

Statewide there have been 144 cases, and 86 hospitalizations. Eight deaths have been caused by the virus.

There may be more cases that have gone unreported, Pamela Williams, spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Department of Health, said. West Nile virus symptoms are sometimes similar to the flu, so people may just stay home for a few days and get better without seeing a doctor, Williams added.

Although the weather is getting cooler, Williams encouraged people to continue using bug spray.

"Now that the weather is cooler, continue to use your mosquito repellant with DEET," she said. "Until we have a freeze, the mosquitoes won't die off."

The United States has seen more than 3,000 cases nationwide this year, with 134 deaths.

In addition to using mosquito repellant with DEET, Williams offered other tips to avoid being bitten.

If possible, avoid being outside at dusk or dawn, as this is when mosquitoes are most rampant, she said. Dump any water sitting outside near your house, as mosquito larvae hatch in stagnant water, she added.

Also, remember to reapply your DEET in the same way you would reapply sunscreen, Williams said.