Jefferson Elementary in Shawnee was visited by Niko Bain and John W. Bitinas, Narconon Arrowhead representatives who delivered drug education and prevention lectures.

They spoke to the students about the true harmful affects of drugs on a person’s mind and body, citing personal stories of being former addicts.

One of the points of focus was combating the widely spread misinformation about the “positive” uses of drugs, stating that all drugs are basically poison to a person’s body.

It is a proven fact that most major crimes, including rape, murder and robbery stem from the assailant being under the influence of one drug or


Oklahoma has what some believe to be the highest number of incarcerated people per capita, no doubt that a large portion of those come from the alarming presence of methamphetamine use and manufacturing.

In recent years Oklahoma has ranked in the top five for highest number of prescription drug abuse in the United States as well.

Education and prevention program provides new, vital information on the subject of drug addiction.

Sharing a unique perspective from someone who has “been there” and experienced the hardships of addiction and recounting what took place on the road to chemical dependency is something that students can relate to and accept as the truth.